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Joel Cohen is a leading authority in restaurant marketing, hospitality marketing & retail marketing, working with aggressive-thinking firms across the USA & Canada for the past 35 years!

  • We're in a time when restaurant owners have to wear more than three hats, but all in all they have to be "social." They have to be the "mayor."

  • There's isn't time to do and learn everything, so just concentrate on doing a few things right and delegate the rest to others on your team.

  • It's important to do things that are memorable otherwise you won't be remembered.

  • It's the same with speakers. There are too many boring speakers saying the same thing. I do something different and unexpected. Everyone in my workshops gets an opportunity to win a million dollars.

  • Just what if you had a Director of Delight whose prime responsibility is to focus on the customer experience, to surprise your customers above and beyond what they get at the average restaurant?

  • Unfortunately, there's no pixie dust that can turn your restaurant into a magic kingdom. But those that have implemented the Disney values in one form or another, have done just that. You don't need a book, a manual or a plethora of red-tape systems. You just need to take your dream vision, believe in it and dare to do it

  • If you think you're in the restaurant business, you're going to eventually fail.

  • When you surprise and WOW people, they'll talk about you.

  • It's important to be innovative; not the big innovative things that change the world, but the small innovative things that make our guests say "Wow."