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"I didn't want other restaurant owners in my area to know about this great restaurant marketing newsletter. It's my little sales-building secret!"
Mark McDonnell, owner of LaSalle Hospitality Group, South Bend, IN - Four Diamond Award Steakhouse.

"Initially, I didn't want to tell others about Joel Cohen's WOW restaurant marketing newsletter - selfishly, I didn't want my competition to find out about it. But here I am, giving in."

"WOW is an absolutely brilliant restaurant marketing newsletter!"

"In fact, it's much more than a newsletter; it's a management decree that reminds me about exceeding the expectations of our guests - and that translates into more sales for me! WOW is uplifting and reminds me why I love this business. Each week, I get key information that I don't find in other restaurant newsletters."

"If you're a competitor of mine, please don't sign-up.
If you're not a competitor, then do yourself a great favor and get WOW right now."

"I get more from Joel Cohen's WOW newsletter than I do from the national trades. Unlike the other freebie newsletters, the value is worth it because what you get is something you don't get from the others - intelligent marketing for restaurant owners and executives."

There's no better testimonial than one from your peers. Subscribe now, unless of course you're a competitor of Mark's, in which case I can't let you. :)  

Restaurant owners and executives who get the "WOW" restaurant marketing newsletter say it's the best restaurant marketing newsletter they get - the only one they take time to religiously read on a weekly basis - and the only one that is truly challenging and thought-provoking.

Before You Subscribe, Here's What You Should Know:

1. THE WOW STREET MARKETING REPORT is a subscription-based weekly email report; 35 seconds of relevant sales-building and marketing insights. Why 35 seconds? Well, sometimes it's 90 seconds; sometimes 180. But your time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is read a lengthy, wordy huge fluffy newsletter that's boring and irrelevant. You need fast-paced, valuable information right away.

2. Over 100 restaurant executives currently subscribe to THE WOW STREET MARKETING REPORT. Right now, because of the value of the WSJR, they probably know more than you. And that's not good for you.

3. THE WOW STREET MARKETING REPORT is an "intelligent" read. Cutting edge information that you don't get from any other restaurant marketer. No systems. No gimmicks. No BS. No nonsense.

4. Fee is $24.99 a month. That’s only a miniscule $6 a week ... much less than a Starbucks double latte … and THE WOW STREET MARKETING REPORT is much healthier for you! You get 4 issues a month. No contracts. Cancel when you want.

5. THE WOW STREET MARKETING REPORT has been publishing for close to 15 years with over 500 weekly issues published.

6. The WSMR is not for everybody. But it's for the intelligent restaurant owner and executive who wants to know what others WILL NEVER get to know - information to gain a competitive advantage.

7. The WSMR is designed to challenge you with a different way of thinking.

Are You Eligible To Subscribe?
Please note because of the valuable content within The WSMR,
it is specially priced for the use of restaurant owners and executives only.
Special "non-restaurant owner" rates are available for foodservice companies, distributors, consultants, advertising agencies and those providing related services to the restaurant and hospitality industries. We verify all subscriptions and reserve the right to limit all subscriptions. For special non-owner or outsided the industry pricing, please email me.

8. To Subscribe, just click here to make your credit card payment of $24.99 per month. No contracts. No obligations. Cancel whenever you want.Your cc will automatically be billed every 30 days and you will receive your WSMR issues each and every Thursday via email.

Here's Just A Small Sampling Of What's Been Covered In Recent Weekly Issues Or Click
To Visit The Top Issues Of The Past Months

  • Are There Secrets To Getting A Top Listing On Google Places?
    In this issue, I reveal what an ex-Google employee told me. And guess what! The order of listing has nothing to do with the number of reviews or comments you have. You get 4 critical tips that no one else has ever told you about.

  • Surprising Information On The Best Day Ever To Send Out Your Email Campaigns
    What a just-released study now says ... what you believed to be the best day is the worst day to send out your emails. This issue details the best day to send out your restaurant's email campaign that assures you the highest open and click-through rates ... and the least amount of opt-outs/unsubscribes.

  • The One Question To Ask Your Guests To Get Critical Marketing Information
    This issue covers the one simple question to ask your guests that will open the floodgates about why that guest decided to dine with you.

  • Is Groupon The Answer?
    An informative packed issue on how Groupon can kill your business ... and what you should be doing instead to increase your profits.

  • What Are Your Servers Saying To Increase Your Profits?
    Do you know what your servers are saying to your guests? How are they describing the entrees? Are they using phrases that actually sell for a profit? This issue contains over ten high power picture words for them to use.

  • The Best Word Ever To Set You Apart From Your Competion.
    It's the most powerful word ever. It's the one word that your guests will remember when describing your restaurant or your products.

  • 22 Critical Web Site Design Tips
    You may be ignoring your website. Is it appealing to users? Is it converting users to guests? Here are 22 design tips you need to implement right away to your web site.

  • Two Great Eye-Catching Guest Appealing Promotions
    From the department of fun, here are two great promotions to use right away with instant success.

  • Why You Should Be Using Foursquare
    Introduction on "foursuare" and five great reasons why your restaurant should be using it now.

  • How To Stop Hunting For New Guests. Nurture Your Best Ones
    This issue examines the fact that we spend so much time, energy and money hunting for new guests, offering them deals, discounts and bargains, that we forget about the 30% who make up our best guests.

  • How To Use Twitter To Increase Your Sales
    There's a lot more to Twitter than sending out 140 word tweets. This issue shows you how to use Twitter as a great sales-building tool.

  • The 10-Point Social Media Reality List
    This issue separates social media fact from fiction with a special 10-point reality list, focusing on what you should do and what you should expect.

  • Special Facebook Issue: Free Social Media Policies Pack
    This was the big Facebook issue focusing on building a business page and collecting Likes. This issue discusses the realities of Facebook and what I went through. Just one of many issues on Facebook with more to come.

  • 6-Step Guide To Getting Through The Summer
    Economy down, gas prices rising, unemployment all over the place. Here are some key principles, concepts and programs to getting through the summer to maintain profitability and continue to win over your core base of guests.

  • Do Daily Deals Encourage Repeat Business & What Should You Do
    Research keeps coming in that says consumers obviously love "the daily deal" … and restaurants in general are loving it also. More importantly, a fair amount of consumers, after using the daily deal, are returning to the restaurant without an offer. This issue tells you what you should do right now.

  • 10 Ways To Prevent The "Silent Enemy" From Eroding Your Business
    There's a "Silent Enemy" eroding your restaurant's business right now. I identify it for you and give your 10 steps to prevent it from appearing again.

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Intelligent Marketing For Intelligent Restaurant Owners & Executives

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