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Restaurant Marketing Sales Building Manual
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Over 160 Pages -- Over 400 Sales-Building Tips

Read this true restaurant marketing story from one of your restaurant colleagues...

Dear Restaurateur,

My name is Joel Cohen, alot of you know me or of me. I've been doing real world restaurant marketing and sales building for over 25 years. You may have already been to
my Restaurant Marketing web site.

Alot of you are current or past subscribers to my publications, Restaurant E-Sales Xpress
and The Restaurant Journal Of Marketing. Alot of you
have attended my restaurant marketing sales building workshops, and alot of you may be clients of mine.

For those of you that don't know me, I will be honest with you and tell you that writing hard sell, screaming direct response web site ads as never been my style. I've been the quiet restaurant consultant on the block, just doing my work for my many restaurant clients and making sure that everything that I recommend they do, they are successful at it. I've never been big on blowing my own horn, in fact, all of my restaurant consulting business now comes from referrals. I've never had to do mailings, and I've never had to do those big promises ads in the trades.

But, I'm taking a little detour because I'm excited about this very special results oriented, real world restaurant marketing manual that I have written, and it's all because of one conversation I had with a fellow restaurateur at a state restaurant association workshop I gave two years ago.

So, once again, I hope I am not insulting your intelligence by "screaming" this information to you, and hoping I don't come off sounding like one of those coupon oriented restaurant marketing programs, or a car dealership tv commercial or one of those 50 greatest hits, buy it now, call this number, operators are waiting for your call ... you get the point, I hope.

"He doesn't pull punches. I've seen all the other experts; read all the books and been to all the workshops. Believe me, no one tells it like it is better than Joel Cohen."
--Casa Ole Restaurants, Houston, TX

"Great! Helped put us on the map"
-- Landry's Seafood Restaurants, Houston, TX

A True Story From A Fellow Restaurateur!

Two years ago at a state restaurant association workshop I was giving, I was approached by a gentleman who owned a couple of restaurants. He said that there was a dire need for a good, yet real restaurant marketing and sales building manual -- a restaurant marketing handbook that everyone in any concept could use -- and one with real ideas that work. He said too many restaurant books were out there that were just too gimmicky, too flowery, didn't make any sense, or really just based on constant couponing. There was nothing out there with real meat.

His comments stuck with me for about a year, and throughout the past 12 months I took a look at just what was being offered to restaurants. I was able to see everyone's offerings and honestly, I ended up agreeing with that restaurateur. There was no meat. I've checked out every restaurant marketing guru's materials, I've read all the programs, the systems, the get sales quick schemes; I've seen Tom F's manuals and all the others, who I can't mention. The only books that were professional were those done by my colleagues Bill Marvin and Bill Main.

From talking to various restaurateurs, there was a need for one last and final restaurant marketing sales builing handbook -- one final book that would do the job -- one final book where you didn't have to coupon yourself to bankruptcy. I concluded there was a need for the last restaurant marketing sales building manual you would ever ever need! The Restaurant Marketing Wow Street Journal

The Restaurant Marketing
Is Now Available!

Over 160 Pages --
Over 400 Sales-Building Tips

  • The Restaurant Marketing Wow Street Journal is a end result of over 25 years of restaurant, hospitality marketing and sales-building experience.

  • It is a compilation of over 40 issues of The Restaurant Journal
    Of Marketing
    and Restaurant E-Sales Xpress. Over 160 pages and over 400 sales building tips on real world, real time, and real simple concepts that work!

  • Packaged in a Ringbinder format; easy to read, conversational style. Not a teach-preach machine; just real world, real easy to understand and implement.

What You'll Find In
The Restaurant Marketing Sales Building Manual

=> Hundreds of ways to WOW your guests

=> Ways To Get Your Guest To Come Back

=> Developing a Menu That Makes Profits

=> Make Money From Schools In Your Area

=> Promotions To Get Attract Local Businesses

=> How To Get Money From Sports Teams

=> How To Increase Family Business

=> How To Increase Frequency of Visits

=> ... and much, much, much more.

The Wow Street Journal: Table of Contents

1. Increase Dessert Sales Up To 40%

2. The Famous Dessert

3. The Super Huge Dessert Display

4. The Separate Dessert Menu

5. The Dessert Festival

6. Sell, Sell and Sell the Desserts

7. Suggest the Dessert for the Mid Afternoon Slump

8. Unique Ideas for New Year's

9. Get Your Share of the Holiday Office Party Business!

10. Office Mailings

11. The Wow Dessert

12. The Guarantee

13. Brand Name Desserts

14. A Note To Employees: Key Issues

15. A Note To Owners: Key Issues

16. Gift Certificates

17. Four Tips For A Successful Gift Certificate Program

18. If Southwest Airlines Can Do It, You Can Too!

19. The Power Of Business Cards

20. The Difference Between Ad Agencies & Restaurant Consultants

21. The Art Of Building Sales

22. Back To The Basics

23. It's The Holiday Season!

24. A Look At Joe's Crab Shack

25. The Joe's Concept

26. Joe's Virtual Tour

27. Joe Knows Families & Their Kids

28. Joe Knows Fun

29. Joe Knows Diners

30. Joe Knows Showtime

31. Is Your Restaurant Full Of No-Don'ts?

32. Those Famous Now-Hiring Signs

33. Hiring Smiling Faces?

34. Some Say It's Better Than Sex: A Look At Krispy Kreme Donuts

35. The Krispy Kreme Temptation

36. What Do We Learn From Krispy Kreme?

37. Krispy Kreme And The Community

38. Wonder Why Your Bar Isn't Doing Well? Maybe It's Left-Out!

39. The Man Who Had His Ya-Ya's Pinched At Starbuck's

40. Marketing Lessons From Starbuck’s

41. Familiar Logos & Can Increase Profits!

42. Case In Point Oreo Milkshakes

43. Love My Kid; I'll Love Your Restaurant!

44. Magic Steps To Being Kid Friendly

45. Super Bowl TV Commercial Survey Does Advertising Work?

46. A Recently Spotted Restaurant No-Don't

47. Power Recommendation Community Action Equals Sales Reaction

48. Is It Training Or Education?

49. An EZ Guide To Marketing Your Restaurant For Those Who Don't Want To, Can't Afford To, Don't Have Time To, Don't' Have The Money To, Don't Know What To Do and Every Other Excuse You Can Think Of!

50. Six Elementary Questions That Could Mean Do Or Die

51. Ice Cream Meltdown: Lifetime Value Of A Customer

52. Blueprint For Success

53. Regaining The Lost Art Of Inviting

54. School's Out For Summer!

55. Why You Should Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From?

56. Wouldn't You Like To Know What Your Customers Think About Your Restaurant?

57. How 10 Cents Can Dramatically Increase Profits

58. Is Your Bar On The Left Hand Side?

59. Electrify Your Summer Dessert/Ice Cream Sales

60. The Super Huge Dessert Display

61. The Separate Dessert Menu

62. The Ricky Martin Meringue Pie Special

63. Is Your Signature Dish Really That Good? Says Who!

64. Your Website <Title> Tags Could Be Hurting Your Site

65. Reach & Mail Every Residence/Business In Your Trade Area

66. Menu Marketing Tips That Make More Profits & Sense

67. How Do Your Servers Introduce Themselves?

68. Ready For Free Direct Mail?

69. More No-Don'ts

70. The No Don't Winner

71. I Want To Be A Server

72. Remind Customers ThatYour Product Is The Best!

73. The Truth About Menu Outserts!

74. Using The Power Of E-Mail To Reach Your Customers

75. Thirteen EZ Email Themes

76. Generate Additional Sales With Schools

77. Getting Ready for the Holidays!

78. Get Your Share of the Holiday Party Business!

79. A New & Great Way to Sell Desserts

80. Off-the-Menu-Products To Increase Sales Part 1 of 2

81. Off-the-Menu Products To Increase Sales Part 2 of 2

82. Police & Security Officers: Do You Want The

82. Police & Security Officers: Do You Want Them In Your Restaurant?

83. It's The Holiday Season!

84. Lessons From The Outback Steakhouse

85. How To Blow A Great Opportunity: Denny's

86. Developing A Customer Promise

87. Your Own Customer Promise

88. Caramel & Chocolate Increases Sales

89. The Sixty Second Sales-Building Plan For January

90. Google! An Important Search Engine Tip For Your Website

91. The Million Dollar Server Selling Line

92. Sell Anything You Want At Any Price You Want!

93. What Is Menu Engineering?

94. Key Critical Components That Go Into A Successful Menu

95. Add To The Bottom Line With a Successfully Engineered Menu

96. What Are Customers' Expectations of A Menu?

97. Shouldn't Everyone Know What's Profitable?

98. First Step: Determine Profitability & Popularity

99. Second Step: View What's Profitable

100. Third Step: View What's Selling

100. Third Step: View What's Selling

101. Fourth Step: List Conclusions Based on Profitability and Units Sold

102. Fifth Step: The Quadrant

103. Sixth Step: Naming The Quadrants By Performance

104. Seventh Step: Product Performance In the Quadrant

105. Eighth Step: Analysis of Products in Each Quadrant

106. Ninth Step: Power Pricing For Profitability

107. Tenth Step: Increasing Prices For Profitability

108. Design Tips for Profitability

109. The Back Menu Cover Dilemma

110. Categorize Your Menu For Profitability

111. List Your Products For Profitability

112. Add Logos and Branding Elements For Profitability

113. Add Icons, Graphic Design Elements For Profitability

114. How To Make Your Take-Out Menu Stand-Out Inside An Office

115. Should You Have A Separate Dessert Menu?

116. Should You Have A Separate Lunch Menu?

117. Menu Merchandising Tips To Increase Sales

118. Can Your Menu Do It All?

119. Increase Your Profits With These Add-ons

120. The Real Truth #1: Kids Menus

121. The Real Truth #2: Web Site Menus

122. The Real Truth #3: Menu Arrangement & Customer Eye-Flow

123. White Chocolate: More Profits & Flavors With Coffee

124. Are You The Official Restaurant of Summer? If Not, Why Not?

125. The Special Summer Menu

126. Is Your Website Wilting This Hot Summer?

127. Turn A Good Dining Experience Into Bad

128. Do You Have A Two-Minute Drill?

129. The Real Web Site Culture

130. Why Your Website Is Like A Restaurant On A Dead-End Street

131. Why You Should No Longer Use Costly Direct Mail

132. Replacing Direct Mail With Email

133. Six EZ Steps To Setting Up An Email List

134. How Do I Know If My Website Is Listed On A Search Engine?

135. How Do I Know Where My Site Ranks On A Search Engine?

136. A Scary Article About McDonald's; How It Affects You

137. Are You Brave Enough To Estimate How Much You're Losing?

138. Customer Contact Points The FFCV-WOW Rule

139. Your Website Controlled By Search Engines' Private Clubs

140. The Major Search Engines To Be Listed On

141. What Other Marketing Gurus Don't (Want To) Teach You

142. Here's Your Plan To Have A Great Restaurant!

143. What is it going to take to be the best restaurant?

144. Watch Out For Mr. & Mrs. Iam Pessimistic

145. How B2B Increases Sales!

146. Is Everything Okay?

147. Build Your Own Baseball Marketing Stadium

148. Back to School Means Back to More Sales

149. Delivering A Customer Promise Delivers More Sales

150. Does Broken English Mean Broken Service?

151. Five EZ Things To Do When Business Gets Tough

152. Weeds In The Olive Garden

153. Understanding and Calculating Your Lost Potential Revenues

154. Easing The Waiting Too Long Anxiety Food

155. How To Take Your Customers' Temperature

156. But I'm Too Busy In The Kitchen To Do This!

157. The 30 Second Customer Temperature Test

158. Your Customers: It's Better To Give Than Receive

159. The Annual December Restaurant Ritual

160. Our Third Annual Super Bowl Reminder

161. Increasing Your Take-Out Business

162. How A Tex-Mex Restaurant Sells Mucho Desserts!

163. 25 Restaurant Resolutions I Wish For

164. What The Business World Says About Email Marketing

165. How You Can You Be A Local Lagasse Celebrity

166. Revisiting The Olive Garden WOW!

167. It's The Food…(Stupid)

168. When The Take-Out Isn't What Was Ordered

169. Prevent Taking Home The Wrong Take-Out

170. Pushing The Envelope Technique #1

171. Pushing The Envelope
Technique #2

172. Pushing The Envelope
Technique #3

173. Pushing The Envelope
Technique #4

174. Pushing The Envelope
Technique #5

175. Pushing The Envelope
Technique #6

176. Pushing The Envelope Technique #7

177. Pushing The Envelope
Technique #8

178. Pushing The EnvelopeTechnique #9

179. Increasing Your Take-Out Business

180. From The Eyes Of A New Resident

181. Nobody Attempts To WIN My Business

182. Business Is A Hard Hitting Team Sport

183. Thousands Of Good Ballplayers, Few Super Stars

184. Thousands of Good Businesses, Few Super Stars

185. How To WIN My Business

186. Winning Me Over: It's The Service, Silly!

187. Why Do We Make This So Difficult…And Expensive?

188. A New Direction: X-Marketing

189. X-Marketing Defined

190. Win Customers With The Xtra in X-Marketing

191. Make The X-Marketing Connection

192. Put Your Game Face On: It's About Winning Customers

193. Finding New Customers in Your Neighborhood

194. How Many New Customers Are Moving Into Your Neighborhood?

195. Why Is It Important To Reach New Neighbors/Residents?

196. Translating New Neighbors Into Potential Sales

197. A New Concept: New Business Development Person?

198. X-Marketing

199. Building Sales

200. Community & Sales

201. Reading A Customer: 99% You're Going To Be Right!

202. Reading A Family With Infant/Kids: Dining At Dinner

203. Save Money Or Customers First? The O'Charley's Take-Out Menu

204. Dear Bob Evans, You Got My Business…So Far

205. If You Can Do It On An Airplane, Then Why Not…

206. Sushi Seminars, Pizza, Pasta and Pastry Workshops

207. Youth & Adult Baseball Teams: Big Business For You

208. Quick Reminder: Your Summer Menu

209. The Good News: Bob Evans & New Residents Increases Sales

210. The Bad News: Bob Evans Sort of Blows It

211. Learning From What The Bobber Does Right and Wrong

212. Did The New Resident Gift Certificate Achieve It's Goal ?

213. A Wow Way To Connect With New Customers: The Red Napkin

214. Differentiate Yourself

215. Fill The Bucket Up With Ice Cream

216. What The Eye Sees, The Eye Buys

217. The Angus Barn

218. Reading Into The Angus Barn Playbook

219. How One Restaurant Increased Lunch Sales 180%

220. Without This Program, Lunch Sales Would Be In The Gutter

199. What Should A Restaurant Website Have In It?

200. Are You Customer X-ccentric? Two EZ Questions!221. Serving The Food Critics

222. Counting Pennies, Sacrificing Fun & Missing Opportunities

223. I May Change My Name To Juan!

224. The Magic Answer To Building Sales: The X-Connects

225. Worst Case Scenarios: Do You Know How To Handle Them?

226. Keeping It Simple: The Basic Customer Frequency Card

227. If It Works For A Hockey Team, Then Why Not…

228. The Real Truth Behind Those Restaurant Email Newsletters

229. Make Your Own Letterman List

230. If You Think Your End User Product Is Food, You're Mistaken

231. Story Telling: The Key To Going From Similar To Different

232. The Phantom Of the Restaurant

233. Hey Boston Market! Why Is It Better At The Grocery Store?

234. How Your Worst Table Is Costing You Money

235. Turning Your Worst Table Into A Wow Marketing Machine

236. Five Wow Ideas For the Holiday Season

237. One Home Run Differentiating Idea For The Holiday Season

238. Key Strategies That Will Put You On Top

239. The Year In Review: How Was It For You?

240. The Year 2002 In Review: A More Discreet Restaurant Guest

241. The Year of the Guest

242. Restaurant Lessons From Jet Blue

243. The Official Year of the Guest

244. The 60 Second Sales Building Plan For January

245. Looking For The Magic Answer? It's Not In The Gimmicks

246. Five Ways To Get Your Guests' Attention & To Focus On You

247. Start The Year With A Menu That SAVES You Money

248. Start The Year With A Menu That MAKES You Money

249. The 60 Second Sales Building Plan For February

250. Nine Ways To Add $1 To Your Guest Checks

251. Wow Your Guests & Be Better Than The Others

252. How To Increase Sales With A Simple Birthday Card

253. Increasing Your Sales With Fundraising Programs

254. Approving An Organization Who Wants To Do Fundraising

255. Selling A Fundraising Program In Your Restaurant

256. The 60 Second Sales Building Plan For March

257. Who Is Destroying Your Business? Cozuhell Marketing

258. Is There A Cozuhell In Your City? And Is It Your Own Restaurant?

259. How Much Money Can A Cozuhell Cost You?

260. If Your Restaurant Were A Magazine, Would You Read It?

261. How To Find Out What Your Guests Really Think Of You

262. Surprise Strategy Vs Cozuhell Strategy

263. If Your Restaurant Were A Magazine Pt #2

264. The 60 Second Sales Building Plan For April

265. MBWA: Another Easy Way To Wow Your Guests

266. The One Letter That Can Destroy Or Save Your Restaurant

267. Too Many Similar Restaurants: Is Yours One Of Them?

268. Continental Airlines: The Best Restaurant In Town

269. Who Is Really Running Your Website & What Is It Costing You?

270. How Do You Turn Something Plain Into Something Much Better?

271. What's Really At Stake When The Steak Sours?

272. When Mistakes Happen, We Can Still Be Honorable

273. When A Guest Complains

274. It's NOT About The Food

275. The 60 Second Sales Building Plan For June

276. Are You The Official Restaurant of Summer? If Not, Why Not?

277. Have A Samuel Adams Summer!

278. Youth & Adult Baseball Teams Big Business For You

279. Restaurant Revival #1: The Lost Art Of Inviting People

280. Restaurant Revival #2: The Lost Art Of Smiling

281. The You Blew It Award: Brueggers Bagels

282. The Art of Getting With The Program: A Tale Of Two Restaurants

283. On Becoming A Remarkable Restaurant

284. What Is A Remarkable Restaurant?

285. Why You Should Want To Be Remarkable?

286. The 60 Second Sales Building Plan For July

287. What The Eye Sees, The Eye Buys

288. Wow Them With Your Very Own Scratch 'n Win Game!

289. Restaurant Revival #3: The Lost Art Of Sampling

290. Restaurant Revival #4: The Lost Art Of The Frequency Card

291. A Sales-Building Perception From LA: Truth, Lies & Videotape

292. The Restaurant Triangle Food + Staff + Guest

293. A Template For Your Restaurant

294. What Neighborhood Retailer Wouldn't Want 500 Extra Customers

295. Make a Positive Impact With Your Vocabulary

296. What Is Your Plan To Increase Customer Loyalty?

297. Email Beware! Truth, Lies & Videotape #2

298. California Pizza Kitchen: How Nickel & Dining Loses A Guest

299. Three EZ Steps On How Not To Be The Bad Mouth Restaurant

300. Web Site Design May Be Hurting Your Site's Performance

301. Website: Slow Downloads & Low Search Engine Placement

302. Build Your Own Sales-Building Stadium

303. How Do Your Servers Introduce Themselves?

304. What Are Your Operation Hours?

305. I Want To Be A Server

306. Remind Your Guests That Your Product Is The Best!

307. The JRM Philosophy: Does Your Restaurant Have One?

308. NBA Team Owner Shakes It Up And You Can Too!

309. Connect with Customers Every Day

310. Focus on the Customer Experience

311. Create a Cause Bigger Than a Championship Trophy

312. Build a Responsive and Flexible Marketing Team

313. Be A Maverick: Can You Cubanize Your Restaurant?

314. The Purple Cow: Getting Noticed When No One's Noticing You

315. When Customer Care Managers Don't Get It

316. Harvesting More Dessert Sales

317. The Moving Van Cometh

318. Everyone's A Baseball Fan & They All Love To Eat

319. When The Kids Outgrow The Kids Menu

320. How Did You Know My Coffee Was Decaf?

321. Story Telling: The Key to Going from Similar To Different

322. The Phantom of the Restaurant

323. Five Wow Ideas for the Holiday Season

324. A Differentiating Idea for the Holiday Season

325. Breakfast Interruptus: Cracker Barrel's Server Has To Go Potty

326. President Wins Over 600 Troops: You Can Win Over One Guest

327. Your Mission: What Is Your Guest Promise?

328. A Customer Promise For You & Your Restaurant

329. Our Infatuation With Year-End Lists: How They Can Work For You

330. Words…Or Words That Sell

331. The Experience IS the Marketing

332. Things That Make Guests Say Wow!

333. Joining the Experience Economy






























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