Restaurant Marketing: The Landry's Seafood Restaurants Success Story

Background: We are proud we played an important part of the phenomenal growth of Landry's Seafood Restaurants. In 1992, they had only 5 units. Today, they are the second largest seafood restaurant chain in America, second only to Red Lobster Restaurants.

Challenge: To create an identity which had national growth potential.

Strategy: To communicate that Landry's is a fun, casual seafood dining experience.

Solution: Our team developed the logo--the cartoon sea creature and the integrated look, which was folded into a full marketing program. This program included table tents, in-store merchandising, local restaurant marketing, kids' programs, media buying and numerous corporate materials. As the chain rapidly grew to over 100 units, coast to coast, and, inclusive of Joe's Crab Shack™, we continued the marketing and branding processes.