The Children Of Your Restaurant Employees

This could be the most important issue I’ve ever written because it relates to the health of those in your restaurant family – your employees. ScreenHunter_1

Here’s the scenario:

  • A sudden, life-altering circumstance hits one of your employees – like a medical diagnosis, a car accident or a house fire.
  • That employee is looking at unmanageable financial and emotional difficulties … especially when that employee has children to care for … and his/her job is the bread and butter of the household.
  • Without an income coming in, how will household bills get paid? How will the children be supported and taken care of?
  • What would you do if this happened to one of your kitchen staff, someone in your restaurant family? How would you help this family member?
  • Fortunately, there’s a program for the restaurant industry that can help you help the family of your employee during this difficult situation. The program is CORE – Children of Restaurant Employees.
  • For those employees who are caring for children, CORE can provide support.
  • CORE is a national 501(c)(3) organization that supports children of restaurant employees navigating life-altering circumstances.
  • Since 2004, CORE has provided support to almost 200 families across the country and the industry and raised over $2.1 million.
  • When a restaurant employee’s family struggles to stay afloat during a medical diagnosis or family death, accident, or loss of home from fire or natural disaster, CORE helps them stay on top of house payments, bills and medical or equipment costs.
  • CORE can also purchase clothing and toys, or send food and other necessities. When a parent or child passes away, CORE can pay for a funeral or a memorial, or help plan a family retreat to re-center and grieve.
  • CORE knows that the core of the restaurant service industry is your employees … and the families they work to support … and the core of the families is the children.
  • CORE is an invaluable resource during an unexpected medical crisis to one of your employees.
  •  Is there an employee on your team that needs help? Then here’s what you do right now: Refer that employee for support at
  • If everyone’s healthy, then become a COREporate Member or Ambassador … or host your own promotion or event to benefit CORE.
  • CORE allows you to give back to your employees. Just jump on board and do this! Let’s take care of your restaurant family. They’re all you’ve got.
  • For more information, visit or call 404-655- 4690.



Why Santa’s Restaurant Marketing Is Better Than Your’s

Joel Cohen’s Wow Street Marketing Report features a great marketing template for any restaurant or retailer and it’s based on Santa Inc. Subscribe to this weekly restaurant marketing report by clicking here.

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The Restaurant Marketing Care Package

Restaurant Marketing Care Package: It’s easy to get wrapped up with all the programs designed to hopefully increase your sales. Then you cross your fingers hoping they’ll bring you the return on your investment. Those tactics are usually the ones that cost you dearly in dollars and in valuable time.

Here’s the reality: An increase in long-term sales is directly related to how well you’ve connected to your customers.

Without a connection to you and your restaurant, customers will flirt from one restaurant to another.

Those customers who know you, those who you’ve made an effort to connect with in one way or another – through a smile, handshake, greeting, a presence in the community, or an act of random kindness – will reward you with their loyalty. These are the real programs that don’t cost a cent, yet give you the greatest dividends.

Last time I heard, it doesn’t cost a cent to smile and actually sit down and talk to a guest.

It doesn’t cost a cent to go out and greet your neighbors with a hand-shake, your business card and some good conversation.

It doesn’t cost a cent to speak in front of a group of 100 potential customers at a networking function.

It doesn’t cost a cent to call a company and invite their employees to a special after-hours event.

It doesn’t cost a cent to be interesting – have an interesting menu, an interesting product, an interesting promotion – just an interesting story to share with your customers.

The last time I heard, it doesn’t cost a cent to really thank your customers for dining with you; they did have a choice of many restaurants, yet chose yours.

Last time I heard, it doesn’t cost a cent to make any of these connections, – but it will cost you dearly if you do nothing.

During this holiday season, take the time to really connect with your customers – not the “is everything okay” superficial connection but the authentic and genuine one.

Here’s the little simple formula that I’ve been conveying in my workshops for the past 15 years – and it works:

  • People prefer to do business with people they like.
  • In order to get liked, you must make connections with people inside and outside your restaurant.
  • The more connections you make, the more people will like you, the more your sales will increase.

Your long-term success is based on how well you “work” the formula. Simply, people prefer to do business with people – not with companies. And they prefer to do business with people who care about them. Show you care, and you’ll win the game.

Add “caring” to your sales-building plan now.



Restaurant Marketing: Top 7 Restaurant Marketing Newsletters You May Have Missed

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Restaurant Marketing: Experiencing The Angus Barn Experience

Restaurant Marketing: Most restaurants are just restaurants. Very few are true dining experiences. Raleigh’s Angus Barn
is a true dining experience. From the valet, to the greeting, to the
barrel of apples, this is real hospitality.

There’s a genuine flow and
rhythm to the restaurant that works, that relaxes, that fulfills. From
the server to the food presentation, the dessert tray to the wine cellar
and the private dining rooms.

When one really needs to experience an experience, that aha moment about understanding what true hospitality is, then visit the Angus Barn.


Increase Restaurant Sales With Top Ten List

Restaurant Sales & Marketing. This time of the year you get inundated with top ten lists.  There's a reason that people are fascinated with these lists. They're easy to read, easy to remember and easy to talk about.  Some lists are ridiculous, some are humorous and some are factual.

Lists can play an important role in your restaurants sales and marketing efforts by educating your customers in an easy format, about the value of your products.

Does your restaurant have a list of the top ten reasons that make you different or better than your competitor?

Having a top ten list gives you and your staff the ability to easily verbalize how your restaurant stands out from the others, especially if you're building name awareness within a highly competitive business sector.


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