Creating Restaurant Marketing Ambassadors

Marketing Restaurants: Just Give Them Something To Talk About

Word of mouth just doesn’t happen. It’s planned so you’re always creating restaurant marketing ambassadors. Marketing restaurants by word of mouth happens to be the easiest and best way to increase your profits and increase guest loyalty – yet it’s the least understood in the marketing process.

While there’s a false belief that discounting and gimmicky programs are going to increase long-term profits, it’s more important to understand that the real success of the restaurant business isn’t getting a guest to buy from you … it’s getting them to talk about you and to visit you again and again!

And they’ll visit you only if there’s something remark-able about you. That’s why you need to think of word of mouth as an integral part of your sales-building marketing program.

There’s a feeling that word of mouth is automatic and inherent within the restaurant. But, it’s not. Creating word of mouth takes an effort by making sure that every guest touch-point in your restaurant is remark-able.

Word of mouth is not a quick fix buzz event like the Super Bowl ads. Bet you can only remember 2 of the ads! Word of mouth is long term; it’s what you create in your restaurant every day that catches your guests’ attention and gives them something to chat about.

But it’s not just one thing. It’s many different things to many different people. Some people will remark about your parking lot, your landscaping, your exterior, your décor, your greeting, your plate presentation, your washrooms, and your attentive server who describes how your entrée was made. Some will even remark that they met you – because every guest wants to know the owner of the restaurant.

But your guests will only talk about it if it’s remark-able and brought to their attention through sights, sounds and even smells. And once they’re talking about you … they’re doing your marketing for you.

The best way to initiate word of mouth is simply to “Over-Deliver.”

Where to start? Take a tour of your restaurant from the outside in. Look at every guest touch-point and ask, “Is it interesting enough? Can I over-deliver? How do I take it up a notch? Is this remark-able?”

Only then will your guests have something to remark about and will become your most reliable, trusted and effective marketing ambassadors. If not, your restaurant becomes just a faded memory.


Want Your Restaurant To Rank Well In Google?

There’s some substantial proof that having a keyword rich URL can definitely enhance the odds of getting a better ranking on Google for your specifically targeted keyword phrases.

While all of you have secured domains/websites using your restaurant’s name, (example – you should also consider securing domain names that contain the specific keyword phrases that users type-in to search for a restaurant in your category and geographical area. How do you know what people would type-in to do a search for you? For the most accurate answer, just ask your guests!

As an example, when I’m searching for an Italian restaurant in my area, I would type-in, “Italian Restaurant North Raleigh.”

If you secured the domain, “”, and copied mostly everything from your original site over to form an additional new web site, then there would be a good chance that new web site, “” could be ranked well for that keyword phrase.

In addition, there’s also evidence that having your targeted keyword phrase placed within the general makeup of your URL, also enhances the odds of getting a better ranking.

So domains like “” (note the formula — keyword phrase + location + restaurant name) may also work.

If popular generic domain names that target your keyword phrase are not available, like “”, then just add a word like, “Your,” “The,” “Award Winning” or “Our” to it. (“”) and check for that availability.

In any case, a domain name with your keyword phrase, customized with your geographical area and restaurant name is a sure bet to be available — (“”).

With search being the new yellow pages, take advantage of every tactic available to help you get online visibility. And, the cost of purchasing a number of domains? Peanuts when compared to getting found online by new guests.


Restaurant Marketing: Top 7 Restaurant Marketing Newsletters You May Have Missed

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The Restaurant Business & The Ad Agency Business

Just returned from a full-day session with a group of 6 successful advertising agency owners who are responsible for growing their business much like you are yours – responsible for keeping their staff motivated and creative.

The ad agency business is tough … much like the restaurant business.

Here are some discussion points that came out of the daylong session and you'll be able to see the remarkable similarities – and challenges of what ad agency owners and restaurant owners both face.

  1. Differentiation: To be successful and stand out from a crowd, it's important to communicate your point of differentiation. What makes one ad agency different from the other? What are you known for? Do you have testimonials? People want to hear what others say about you rather than what you say about you.

  2. Innovate and be creative: Ideas and creativity move a business forward. Without ideas, you get stale and business stalls. Do something different. Introduce something different.

  3. Price your product at what you believe you are worth. Anyone can get it cheaper, whether it's an ad campaign or a dinner. What they can't get is the value and experience that you provide. However, it's important to communicate the value that you provide, otherwise it the perception is that there is no value.

  4. Invest in your staff. Your people are your most important asset and good people are hard to keep. Allow your staff time to create; get them involved in parts of the business. Ask them, "what if we did that?" Give them a feeling of ownership. Take an interest in what they do.

  5. Networking, connecting and referrals is critical for new business. The ad agency business, like the restaurant business is a "people business."

  6. Keep an eye on the bottom line. Like restaurants, the profit margins for ad agencies are slim. Keep an eye on costs and expenses; what's profitable and what is costing you money.

  7. Plan for success. One of the keys to success is having a vision and a plan, not only for your clients, but for the agency as well.

  8. Take advantage of any downtime to re-group and re-think.

  9. With the Internet, the ad agency business has changed dramatically. They've had to become experts in digital marketing. They, like restaurant owners are wearing multiple hats.