Restaurant Marketing: The 2-Minute Drill & Preventing Final Wait Anxiety

A Lesson in Restaurant Marketing & Customer Experience: When customers are ready to leave and request the final check – that means they want to leave.

We’ve all experienced this ourselves – waiting and waiting for the final bill to be processed. And as each minute passes, it seems like five.

Suddenly, “wait anxiety” starts to set in, diminishing the overall dining experience.

The Two Minute Drill prevents that final “wait anxiety” and ensures a complete and perfect dining experience. The last impression does count!

The drill involves recognizing the customer’s signal and desire to leave and then having the right people in place whereby the processing of the credit card can be expedited.

Picking up the credit card, processing it and returning it to the table should take no longer than two to three minutes.

Customers will actually appreciate your quick response, putting them in a better mood to increase the gratuity. In other words, faster processing can mean a greater tip.

The Two Minute Drill takes on an even bigger importance when you’re serving a family that includes an infant or a child.

First, it’s important to recognize the overall scenario – a family getting out to eat could be a big break for them.

How will you keep it as stress-free as possible? Apply your kids-friendly treatment yet also recognize that kids will get moody and impatient after 30-40 minutes of dining.

When this happens, the family will want to leave faster than lightning.

At this point, your Two Minute Drill is crucial – and can determine whether that family returns to your restaurant or not. The longer kids get restless and cranky, the more the parents perceive that as a bad experience at your restaurant – and more so if the check processing is delayed.

The parents are trying to leave quickly, so you’ve got to help them out by having that bill ready immediately.

Trust me, I’ve been there and I’m sure you have also. The Two Minute Drill can be a life-saver for not only your customers but for your restaurant.

Next Steps: Determine how long normal bill processing takes, even during your rush hours. What do you have to do to be sure you can have the check settled within two to three minutes? Make an effort to recognize that customers with kids need prompt service – and will want to leave quickly. Be ready for that.


If Only Your Guests Knew These Calorie Counts

Some calorie counts that may surprise you …

  1. Olive Garden
    Fettuccine Alfredo- 1,220 calories, 75g fat, 1,350mg sodium.
  2. Red Lobster
    Admiral's Feast- 1,506 calories, 93.4g fat, 4,662mg sodium.
  3. Macaroni Grill
    Parmesan Crusted Sole – 2,190 calories, 141g fat, 2,980mg sodium.
  4. Applebee's
    Crispy Orange Chicken Bowl – 1,910 calories.
  5. Denny’s
    The famous Slam breakfasts all top 800 calories.
  6. Blimpie's –
    Veggie Supreme – (12") 1,106 calories.
  7. Uno Chicago Grill –
    Classic Deep Dish Pizza – 2,310 calories, 4,470mg sodium.
  8. Chili’s –
    Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing – 2,040 calories, 150g fat, 110g protein, 4,900mg sodium.
  9. Baskin Robbins
    Large Chocolate Oreo Shake – 2,600 calories, 263g sugar, 1,700 mg sodium.
  10. Chipotle –
    Mexican Grilled Chicken Burrito – 1,179 calories, 2,656mg sodium.



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