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  • restaurant marketing, marketing restaurants
  • restaurant marketing, marketing restaurants

Restaurant Marketing Bio & Testimonials

  • For the past 35 years, Joel Cohen has specialized in "Nothing But Restaurant Marketing." From the pioneering days of developing programs that introduced McDonald's Breakfast Entrees, Quarter Pounders and Drive-thru's to the world, to today's high tech database and restaurant Internet marketing concepts, Joel Cohen has established himself as a premier, no-nonsense, cutting-edge restaurant-hospitality marketer.

  • He has carved out a national reputation as the sales and marketing go-to-guy to depend upon for traffic-building and revenue generating ideas that work

  • His vast array of clients, over the years have included most of the brand name restaurant corporations, plus first class regional companies like Texas Steakhouse & Saloons, Casa Ole Restaurants, Trail Dust Steakhouses, Ninfa's Mexican Restaurants and more.

  • For a period of five years, Joel was a key member of the strategic marketing team that was responsible for the phenomenal marketing exposure and coast-to-coast growth of Landry's Seafood Restaurants and Joe's Crab Shacks.

  • In addition to his restaurant and hospitality consulting work, Joel publishes a weekly newsletter called "WOW"and consults to a number of advertising agencies across the country on marketing.

  • The Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC but the experience takes place all over the country.
Here's What They're Saying

"Joel Cohen doesn't pull punches. He's got a system that works and is targeted to building your sales. I've been through all the other restaurant marketing guys -- read all the books and been to all the workshops. Believe me, no one tells it like it is better than Joel Cohen."

Casa Ole Restaurants, Houston, TX

"Nobody knows more about email sales-building programs and no one can give you a more objective point of view than Cohen. "

Bubba's BBQ, Charlotte, NC

"When he goes to bat for a team, he scores. Cohen's ingenious, practical style and creative vision is the key to his success. "

Restaurant Bar & NightClub

"His monthly program has helped in too many ways to describe."

Pizza Hut, Dallas TX

"If you're looking for help, especially in today's competitive climate and no matter what size of a restaurant you are, Cohen's expertise can increase your sales. It's a system, developed with 25 years of experience that worked for us and can work for you."

Texas Steakhouse Restaurants, Rocky Mt. NC

"His energy is contagious. He shares his expertise and sales building systems so we all succeed. "

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill, Dallas, TX

"Great! Great! He helped put us on the map!"

-landry's Seafood Restaurants, Houston, TX

"His way of working is a touch of reality, experience and marketing know-how that increases the sales."

Golden Corral, Raleigh, NC

"We evaluated our menu using the techniques that Joel showed us. We put the power of rounding to work. "

Campbell House Cafe, Chelan, WA

"His honesty is brutal, yet refreshing in an age when everyone's trying to get me to spend my advertising dollars on them!"

5 & Diner Franchisee, Phoenix, AZ