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The Restaurant Marketing Revolution

And Why It Should Scare The Hell Out Of You.

Marketing your restaurant? Listen to this: There's an undeniable shift that has been taking place in the restaurant industry that has created big stakes and a huge urgency for restaurant owners to survive and succeed.

As a restaurant marketing consultant, I'm seeing major advances in technology, grocery and convenience stores re-inventing themselves as 'restaurants'. I'm seeing customer behavioral and cultural shifts never experienced before. Food costs, scarcity of labor and home delivery services are all impacting this massive shift. The status quo is now the status change.

Adapting to the changes in the way you market your restaurant will create big winners and big losers.

In the last five years, thousands of restaurants, big and small, have shut down. Those that are successful, have shifted to a new era of restaurant marketing realization. Quite frankly, the learning curve has grown immensely, leaving some restaurant owners obsolete and out in the cold. There's a common thread between those who are making the shift: staying ahead of the knowledge curve and adjusting to new revenue models.

Good news: there is a 'Promised Land' where many successful restaurant CEOs are successfully adapting to the shift. One where there's a buzz about culture, and a staff that enjoys coming to work and customers having memorable dining experiences.

Your restaurant marketing journey to the next level can be a reality. You just need a guide to show you the way. It's impossible to out-race the quest to learn more. The finish line keeps getting farther and farther. Yet with a little guidance, you'll get as close as you've ever been before. Let's start now ... before it's way too late!