Restaurant Marketing Report: What You Missed

Restaurant Marketing Report: Here are the top Wow Street Marketing Report issues you may have missed in October and November:

The Wow Street Restaurant Marketing Report  is “intelligent restaurant marketing for intelligent restaurant owners and executives.

Subscription information is at:

1. What Are Your Employees Worth? Are They Helping Or Hurting Your Business?restaurant marketing newsletter

2. What’s The Real Power Of Birthday Greetings?

3. Holiday Alert & Checklist: The Time To Do This Is Now

4. Million Dollar Marketing Lesson: The Strategy Behind Smiles

5. The Secret To Attracting & Hiring Special People To Work For You

6. Waiting For More Sales? The 6 Most Powerful Things You Can Do Now Without Waiting

7. The Best Holiday Promo You Can Do For Your Community
The Wow Street Restaurant Marketing Report is a concise, to the point, no BS, 35-second read; great insight into building your restaurant or retail business. For intelligent restaurant marketing, subscribe and get 4 issues per month, click here.




Wow Street Restaurant Marketing Report: Why It’s Not Free

The Skinny On All Of Those Free Restaurant Marketing Newsletters:

Restaurant Marketing & Restaurant Marketing Newsletters: I get a lot of questions on why I charge $15.99 a month (4 weekly issues) for my Wow Street Marketing Report, while others are available for free. The answer is simply “value.” Actually, I don’t charge enough for the Report. Shame on me!

As a business person, I’m sure you despise giving away free product all of the time. It truly hurts the bottom line.

The fact is, there’s absolutely no sustainable value in “free.”

And that’s why amidst all of the free restaurant marketing newsletters that frequent your inbox, ten years and 492 plus issues ago, I made a decision to produce a short concise weekly marketing report, focused on 35-seconds of intelligent restaurant marketing and executive management insights.

My goal was … and still is … to help restaurant owners/executives take it up a notch and be great. I also decided to make my Wow Street Marketing Report subscription-based – as an impetus to provide valuable content not found in the various freebies that are out

While I know it’s easy to get spoiled with all of the free newsletters, there’s always a catch somewhere – an up-sell, a sponsor, a tease, or articles by ghost writers with absolutely no restaurant marketing experience, a way to increase one’s email list, or just plain inferior content.

The Wow Street Marketing Report is written by me – restaurant marketing professional, who consults with restaurants, does workshops for restaurants – all on a regular basis – who like you, places a value on their product.

My client, Barry’s Pizza, one of the most successful pizza/Italian restaurants in Houston – who gets $25 for a small pizza (it’s absolutely fabulous!) – has a sign posted when people flinch about his prices: “Quality is like oats… if you want nice fresh oats, you must pay a fair price … unless of course you can be satisfied with paying a cheaper price on the oats that have gone through the horse.”

The next time you get a free hospitality marketing newsletter, there’s a chance – much like the oats – it’s been through the horse. :)  Click here if you want to subscribe to the Wow Street Marketing Report.




Restaurant Marketing Report: What You Missed

Restaurant Marketing Report: Here are the top Wow Street Marketing Report issues you may have missed in August and September

The Wow Street Restaurant Marketing Report  is “intelligent restaurant marketing for intelligent restaurant owners and executives.

Subscription information is at:

1. 45 Topics To Post On Facebook

2. Your Exclusive Secret Weapon For Success

3. Troops & Vets: The Right Thing To Do From Tijuana Flats

4. How To Be The Only Game In Town

5. New Study: Customers Say A Story Actually Improves Food Quality

6. If It Doesn’t WOW, It’s Boring. Is Your Restaurant Boring?

7. What The Parents Want: The Two Minute Drill

7. It’s Raining. Are You Soaking Your Customers?

8. Your Burgers Are Screaming A Story. How To Sell More Of Any Product

9. They’re Still Alive: Marketing Lessons From The Grateful Dead

10. Two Highly Successful Strategies To Follow For Success

11. The Angus Barn: The Church Of The Dining Experience (series of three)

The Wow Street Restaurant Marketing Report is a concise, to the point, no BS, 35-second read; great insight into building your restaurant or retail business. For intelligent restaurant marketing, subscribe and get 4 issues per month, click here.


Limited Time Offer: The #1 Restaurant Marketing Newsletter Now Available To All

For over 5 years, my weekly restaurant marketing newsletter has been rated the top subscription based marketing newsletter for the restaurant/hospitality category. However, I've limited subscriptions to only restaurant owners and executives.

Now, for a limited time only, I'm opening up subscriptions to everyone outside the industry. It's your one time chance to get what over 200 restaurant owners and executives around the country have been getting exclusively for over 5 years.

The newsletter is called WOW: Intelligent Marketing For Intelligent Restaurant Owners and Executives. It's emailed out every Thursday and is a concise 35 second read. Restaurant owners swear by its value.

One 4-diamond award-winning steakhouse owner didn't even want me to do this because he doesn't want his competitors to subscribe.

DoubleDave's Pizzaworks says, "Joel's WOW newsletter has made a significant impact on my business for years. We always follow the suggestions … and always get results." 

For years, I've kept my subscription discreet and narrow; keeping it exclusive to restaurant owners and executives. Now, I'm opening it up to all hoping they'll help their friends and customers in the industry. (Competitive consultants may be the exception to this offer.)

For more information and to see a recent issue, click on:

The subscription cost is much less than what you spend on a Starbucks coffee each week – and the ROI is huge.

All of the current subscribers are successful restaurant owners/executives … and there's a reason they are successful … their mindset is always to learn and keep their edge. WOW does that for them.

This is your one-time chance to get the #1 restaurant marketing newsletter called WOW. 

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Get A Free Issue Of The Best Restaurant Marketing Newsletter

Now,  get a FREE issue of my WOW Restaurant Marketing Newsletter. Happy to email you an issue. Just choose one from the previous posting – 2 months worth of WOW. Then, email me at "jcohen at restaurantmarketing dot com" and include your email address and company name. Put "blog post" in the subject line. You'll get a chance to read the best intelligent restaurant marketing newsletter in the restaurant/hospitality category.

Again, just email me at "jcohen at restaurantmarketing dot com"  and include your email address and company name. Put "blog post" in the subject line.


Restaurant Marketing Newsletter: WOW Two Months Of Content

Restaurant Marketing: Here's what was covered during April and May in my restaurant marketing newsletter called WOW: 35 Seconds Of Marketing & Sales Building Insights.

#359 Is Your Marketing All
Out Of Wack? Here's What To Do
With three
months of the year having elapsed, I encourage you to examine all of your
restaurant's efficiencies. What's working and what isn't? What's making money,
what isn't? Where is the most time being spent and is it giving you the most
sales and return on investment? Granted, some efforts can't be measured in
dollars, but are measured in goodwill. (3/28/13)

#360 Another Best Time To
Send Out Your Email
While this
study covers all business categories, it would seem to me that for
restaurants – if in
a perfect email that includes creativity and segmentation – and is being sent to households, the best time
to send out your email and get the highest response rates is …


#361 Your Restaurant's Front
Door: Missing A Great Opportunity
I would bet
that if you asked your customers what was written on your front door, they
wouldn't have noticed any thing at all. In fact, you yourself may not even know
what's on it! So,
here are my questions: You've got the hours posted on the door; do you think
your customers have ever noticed them? Of course not. Don't believe me? Try
asking them! They already know you're open for lunch and dinner. (4/11/13)

#362 Which Of The Following
Emergencies Are You Prepared To Handle In Your Restaurant?
This issues
lists the categories of emergencies that can happen and thing you should be
addressing and educating your staff on.

#363 What Value Do You Bring
To The Table?
To visit
your restaurant on a regular basis, people need to know the value that you
provide and what makes you different from other restaurants. With every
customer dining decision made, comes a micro nano-second subconscious
mind-exercise, so quick that it's never analyzed – or realized. (4/25/13)

#364 Jon Taffer Of Bar Rescue
RePrints What I Wrote
Simply, great words of advice
from Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer, quoting me on what I said about planning.  (5/2/13)

#365 Are You Marketing To
Moms Everyday? You Should Be
Here are
twelve strong reasons why you should be marketing to moms every single day of
your business. (5/9/13)

#366 Capitalizing On Great
Four Walls Marketing
Adapt these
three great examples for your restaurant. They not only tell a story, they
confirm to your customers that they made the right decision to dine with you
… and with the visual stimuli, leaves a lasting impression in the customer's
mind. (5/16/13)

#367 The Importance Of Video
Content Marketing
Make your
restaurant a video star! Video content marketing may be one of those
marketing-speak buzz phrases, but I need to bring it to your attention for
these two reasons: People prefer watching video (20-40 second clips) and Google
loves to index video. (5/23/13)

#367 How To Officially Become
The Category Leader
I needed a
program to differentiate this 3-unit restaurant chain and put them in a
leadership category; a program that was going to be their
"tie-breaker." I didn't have a budget for radio, TV or print,
but I had a great campaign line that didn't involve discounting and I could promote
the line inside the restaurants with posters, table tents, buttons
and outside with email broadcasts. (5/30/13)

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Restaurant Marketing: Top 15 Topics Covered in WOW

Restaurant Marketing: Here are the 15 topics covered so far in the first quarter of this year in WOW, the subscription-based newsletter for restaurant owners and executives.

  1. Marketing Doesn't Stop On Weekends
  2. It's Time To Write THAT Letter
  3. How Your Website Listing Could Be Hurting You
  4. How To Get Your Website Mobile Friendly
  5. Bacon Milk Shakes, Valentine's & A Dose Of Marketing Reality
  6. The Link Between Facebook Likes & Customer Loyalty
  7. How To Create Brand Ambassadors With Roses
  8. It Isn't Sexy, But Customers Still Love It
  9. Purple Cows & Zebras: The Impact Of Standing Out From The Herd
  10. Facebook Timeline Alert: What You Need To Know
  11. Facebook's Timeline: A Special Slide Presentation
  12. The Importance Of Developing An Annual Event
  13. Time To Raise Your Prices – Even Though Everyone Says Not To
  14. Extra: Lucky Friday The 13th Promotions
  15. Extra: Tax Day Alert: What One Restaurant Is Doing & What You Could Be Doing Too

WOW is written exclusively for restaurant owners/ executives looking for an in-depth perspective on marketing their restaurants or hotels.



Restaurant Marketing Newsletter Says, “No More Couponing”

About a year ago, I wrote in the WOW restaurant marketing newsletter that I’m "anti-couponing."

I believe that if you have a vision and a plan and give your customers a great value and a terrific dining experience, then no matter what kind of concept you have, customers will remember you and return with greater frequency.

Once a restaurant jumps onto the coupon treadmill, it’s difficult to stop. And it only gets worse. Couponing is an addiction. I asked my subscribers, "When will you say stop I’m not going to take it any more; I've got a business to run and I want to be profitable!"

The WOW newsletter takes a big stand against couponing and leans heavily towards a more intelligent approach that will increase your profits.

Here's what's been recently featured in WOW – Intelligent Marketing For Intelligent Restaurant Owners & Executives-

1. What you should be marketing over the weekend that will accelerate your profits.

2. What most restaurants don't know about emailing their newsletters that will increase their response rates immediately.

3. Best time to post relevant information on Facebook so your customers share it.

4. How to make January the best "start-over" month ever.

5. "Half-Way" marketing programs and why they're so effective in increasing your sales.

6. The most incredible dessert program from Jack Astor's that creates on-going customer buzz.

WOW is subscription-based – 4 issues each month – and is the best value if you're a restaurant owner or executive, looking to get away from promotional gimmicks and discounting and wanting to take a more intelligent approach to your marketing. More info at: WOW: The Restaurant Marketing Newsletter.


Restaurant Marketing Newsletter Makes Significant Impact On Business – Double Dave’s Pizzaworks

Did you miss out on the "50 Relevant Topics To Post On Your Restaurant's Facebook Wall" issue? Or the other issues …

  • How To Recession Proof Your Restaurant: A 40 Minute Video
  • How To Crack The Marketing Code: 25 Critical Marketing Questions You Need To Solve
  • 22 Critical Restaurant Web Site Design Tips You Need To Know About
  • Do Daily Deals Really Encourage Repeat Business?
  • How To Make Facebook Work For Your Restaurant

These are just some of the titles of previous issues of "WOW – The Intelligent Marketing Newsletter For Restaurant Owners & Executives."

Over 200 restaurant owners and executives say "WOW" is the best restaurant marketing newsletter they get – the only one they take time to religiously read on a weekly basis – and the only one that is truly challenging and thought-provoking.

  • "Your weekly WOWs have made a significant impact on my business for years. We always follow your suggestions and we always get results."
    – CEO DoubleDave's Pizzaworks Systems, Austin TX

"WOW" is emailed every Thursday. It's what you need for today's economy. No BS. No Bull. If you're looking to be challenged to get better, then "WOW" is for you – and it's much, much less that what you probably spend at Starbucks each week!

While "WOW" is certainly not for everyone, if you're a restaurant owner or executive, find out if "WOW" is right for you by clicking on:

Just so you know, a lot of the current subscribers prefer that "WOW" doesn't get too popular – for competitive reasons, they want to keep the cutting-edge information and content all to themselves.



Are Restaurants Turning To Groupon Hoping For A Miracle?

Restaurant Marketing: In this economy it takes intelligent restaurant marketing to be successfully profitable.

While others are desperately turning to Groupon or the other "deals of the day" looking for a miracle, over 200 restaurant executives are taking the "intelligent approach," reading "WOW – The Intelligent Marketing Newsletter … For Intelligent Restaurant Owners & Executives" each and every Thursday.

Here are some of the articles written over the past month:

1. Six-Step Guide To Getting Through The Summer & Bolstering Your Sales

2. Daily Deals: Do They Really Encourage Repeat Business & What You Should Do About It?

3. How To Put A Dent In Your Competitors' Business Before They Do It To You … And They Will Do It To You!

4. Innovation & How To Make A "Nothing" Product Really Special & Sell It At Record Sales

WOW – 35 seconds (because your time is precious) of valuable sales-building information that every restaurant owner and executive needs to know about, that you won't find anywhere else.