Restaurant Marketing: How to Increase Your Bottom Line by 20%

Just Get It Done - Master Class for Restaurateurs

Your Bucket of Money
Money Bucket Leaking Has Holes in It!

Even as your sales volume increases, the odds are good that your restaurant still isn't as profitable as it could be.

How long will you let the bleeding go on?

When you seek to make more money, you probably look for ways to build sales.* Putting more cash in the bucket is an important first step, but unless you also patch the holes, the money will keep dripping away instead of going into your pocket. We'll show you how to find (and fix!) those leaks once and for all.

SFA 3.2: Profit-Building Master Class
How to Increase Your Bottom Line by 20%
in 90 Days
March 30 – April 1, 2015 – Nashville, TN

Here's What You'll Do During Three Powerful Days in Nashville:

  • Re-structure your business model to consistently deliver enough monthly profit to pay all the bills, provide a return on investment and support your desired lifestyle
  • Have a plan to generate at least 20% more bottom line profit within 90 days
  • Right-size your menu and turn it into a highly profitable money machine
  • Lower your food cost by at least 10% without cutting product quality
  • Be able to track your food cost … every day … without taking an inventory
  • Learn to spot theft and make your bar operations more profitable
  • Discover how to raise wages (and lower payroll cost!) without compromising service
  • Secure 90 days of one-on-one coaching to help you be more productive and meet your goals
  • As a bonus, you'll even pick up a few targeted ways to build sales volume!

Meet Your Mentors If you really have to think long and hard about whether to invest a few days (and a few dollars) to discover where the leaks are, tighten up your controls, streamline your systems and put 20% more on the bottom line forever, you're just not ready for this class.

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SFA 3.2 will put a smile on your face and more money in your pocket. If that's your idea of a good time, you're about to become very excited!

* Building sales is still important, that's why we made it the focus of our first Master Class last November. We promised attendees they'd learn how to increase their sales by 20% in 90 days … and with our individualized coaching support, they're on track to do just that! (The point: We deliver on our promises.)


Restaurant Marketing: The Angus Barn & Shiny Object Syndromes

Restaurant Marketing: I'm sure you've got it. Everyone's got it … and I've got it too. It's the shiny object syndrome. We're all too busy chasing the next big thing that brings us customers; much too busy to have conversations.

Software has made it easy to "connect" … to "engage." Sorry folks, you're chasing down the wrong direction. Sure it's okay to look at Facebook as a communications database, but that's all it will ever be. Sure it's okay to look at software that automates our business, but it's not okay to look at software that supposedly develops authentic customer relationships.

What made me realize that I've been chasing the shiny object? A visit to the world famous Angus Barn in Raleigh.

Case in point: When a customer visits your restaurant, how many staffers have inter-acted with him/her? Two most likely and probably three. The host, the server, the "exit host." Considering that 80% of the dining experience is based on emotional intangibles and how the customer feels he/she has been treated, two to three "hi, how are you's," aint going to register on the emotion meter.

And the shiny object syndrome? Stop chasing it; you'll never win.




Restaurant Marketing: There’s No Ultimate Value With “Free”

Why My Restaurant Marketing Newsletter Isn't Free.

I get a lot of questions on why I charge $15.99 a month (4 weekly issues) for my WOW restaurant marketing newsletter, while others are available for free. The answer is simply "value."

As a business person, I'm sure you despise giving away free product all of the time. It truly hurts the bottom line.

The fact is, there's absolutely no sustainable value in "free."

And that's why amidst all of the free marketing newsletters that frequent your inbox, five years and 350 plus issues ago, I made a decision to produce a short concise weekly newsletter focused on 35-seconds of intelligent restaurant marketing and executive management insights.

My goal was … and still is … to help restaurant owners/executives take it up a notch and be great. I also decided to make my WOW newsletter subscription-based – as an impetus to provide valuable content not found in the various freebies that are out there.

While I know it's easy to get spoiled with all of the free newsletters, there's always a catch somewhere – an up-sell, a sponsor, a tease, or articles by ghost writers with absolutely no restaurant marketing experience, a way to increase one's email list, or just plain inferior content.

My client, Barry's Pizza, one of the most successful pizza/Italian restaurants in Houston – who gets $25 for a small pizza (it's absolutely fabulous!) – has a sign posted when people flinch about his prices: "Quality is like oats… if you want nice fresh oats, you must pay a fair price … unless of course you can be satisfied with paying a cheaper price on the oats that have gone through the horse."

The next time you get a free restaurant marketing newsletter, there's a chance – much like the oats – it's been through the horse. :)


How To Make Miracles Every Month Of The Year

Do You Believe In Business Miracles?


A miracle is a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

Every month, we're performing miracles – business changing events – things that just weren't expected to happen –

  • One restaurant owner, with a little operational tweak, increased sales 23%.

  • One restaurant CEO of a regional chain negotiated with vendors saving thousands of dollars a year.

  • One restaurant owner learned how to get more revenue from his database.

  • One restaurant owner learned a great method to hiring top-notch employees.

… in all, there's been over 150 "game-changing" miracles – for restaurants of every size and concept.

We create miracles every month – and have been doing so for the past two years. Things that you don't expect. Amazing achievements that would never happen. Miracles that make more profits. Miracles that make you a better restaurant owner.

The Restaurant Executive Think Tank makes miracles each month – miracles for those restaurants that are already successful … and want more.

If you believe in miracles; if you are successful and want more, we can make miracles happen for you – each month.

Reply back and I'll send you more info. The Restaurant Executive Think Tank is an executive level group concept, limited to restaurant owners & CEOs.

Attn: Hotel owners & retailers: Executive level groups are being formed for your category.



Restaurant Marketing: Sales-Building Master Class

I just got back from an amazing three days in New Orleans where Bill Marvin, the Restaurant Doctor, and I conducted our first-ever Sales-Building Master Class for an amazing group of operators from all over North America.

The energy in the group was contagious and many commented – as we expected they might – that they learned as much from rubbing minds with the other attendees as they did in the class sessions.

Sometimes our biggest challenge was to keep the energy focused on a particular topic as the ideas were flying around from everyone. Everyone did experience how much more productive they could be when they eliminated their normal daily distractions and could just focus on a single task for a couple of hours.

The stated goal of the program was to help our attendees see a 20% sales increase in the first quarter of 2015 and as elusive as that may have seemed going in, at the end almost everyone commented that they could see how easy it was to make that happen.

Bill and I will be coaching them individually through the end of March to help keep their efforts on track.

In a few months, Bill and I will hold another Master Class for Impatient Entrepreneurs, this time on profitability. If you've got an initial interest, then let me know.


Restaurant Marketing: Angus Barn The Church Of The Customer Experience

Restaurant Marketing: The Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC is the church of the customer experience. There's no better restaurant that exemplifies this from top down management to those in the kitchen – providing customers with the best feeling possible.

There are a number of factors that make the Angus Barn the church and they're all explored deeply in the WOW Restaurant Marketing Newsletter.  You'll get the template for your restaurant just by reading each issue.

Last month, I took a group of restaurant owners up to Raleigh just to experience the experience. What they walked away with were "game-changing insights. If you're interested in coming to church – an intensive tour that defines the customer experience with two great restaurants, let me know. These are game-changers.



Restaurant Marketing: Top 7 Newsletter Issues You May Have Missed

Restaurant Marketing: Here are the top 7 restaurant marketing newsletter issues you may have missed these past few months – September and October.

Each were featured in WOW – The Intelligent Marketing Newsletter … For Intelligent Restaurant Owners.

  1. What Apple Just Introduced On Their iPhone & You Need To Take Advantage Of It, Now
  2. This Restaurant Is The Church Of The Customer Experience
  3. Why This Is The Most Fabulous Parking Lot Sign Ever
  4. This One Question That Will Determine If Your Restaurant Will Survive The Next 5 Years
  5. Winning The Battle Against The Mega-Chains. One Simple Strategy
  6. Take The 100-Day Dream Plan Challenge: Your Sales Will Soar
  7. Boring Newsletter?: How To Add Simple Animation

Restaurant Marketing: From Servers To Storytellers

Restaurant Marketing: From Servers To Storytellers: The Single Most Important Step To Wowing Your Customers
The most effective way to differentiate your restaurant from the others and to create an impactful impression on your customer is to tell a story that creates a memory in their mind.

Without creating a memory for the guest, that customer won’t remember anything special about your restaurant or the dining experience. Why is this so important? Most people who dine out often can only remember 3-5 restaurants. By giving your customer something to remember, you’ll be in that customer's A-list of restaurants.

In order to really WOW a customer, you have to make a connection with them. One of the best and most successful ways to connect and be memorable to your customer is through “Storytelling.”

People remember stories and facts, and if you’re telling your customer a story about the restaurant or the food, you’re connecting with the customer and giving them something to remember. Isn’t it easier to remember a story than to remember, “Hi, how are ya doing today?”

Now most restaurants aren’t giving their customers anything to remember – which makes this a great opportunity for you.

What if your server became a storyteller, and instead of just placing the dish on the table, told me that the reason the salad plates are kept cold is that it keeps the lettuce crisp?

There is always something to tell – a short story or a fact about anything your serve, or about anything regarding your restaurant. Try the Storytelling concept. You’ll be amazed at the high interest level of your customer. And, you’ve made that all important connection.

You see, people have thousands and thousands of restaurant to choose from, so you’ve got to make them remember yours. And how do you do it? By Storytelling.




Restaurant Marketing: Top 10 Newsletter Topics You May Have Missed

Restaurant Marketing: Here are the top 10 restaurant marketing newsletter topics you may have missed while you were away this summer.

Each were featured in WOW – The Intelligent Marketing Newsletter … For Intelligent Restaurant Owners.

  1. If Starbucks Can Raise Their Prices, Then You Can Too
  2. Declaring Your Restaurant Independence
  3. Is Your Google Listing Hijacked?
  4. Employees or Customers: Who's First?
  5. What You Need To Know About "Local SEO"
  6. Your Online Listing Is Wrong: How To Check It
  7. Boring Newsletter?: How To Add Simple Animation
  8. StorySelling: The Burrito of Your Dreams
  9. Huge Restaurant Newsletter Tip Revealed
  10. The Best Social Media Review Tool Ever

Restaurant Marketing: Staff Replaceable Or Indispensable?

Restaurant Marketing: Who on your staff is replaceable, who is indispensable?
Employee turnover is one of the most critical issues in the restaurant and hotel arena. But what would you expect when a lot of restaurants hire people who are "replaceable" – people who have been hired simply because you urgently need staff; people who have been hired on the cheap; even hired people who have no idea what hospitality is, let alone not even it being part of their DNA.

Many restaurants are just paying people to "show up" – to open the doors, to serve food and to robotically say, "Is everything okay?" or "My name is John, I’ll be your server tonight." Anybody can be trained to do this.  

Since anybody can do this, these people are easily replaced, whether they leave on their own, or you let them go. And, when times are tough, these people are the first to go. Why? They don’t make a difference.

When people are replaceable, rather than indispensable, you're going to have turnover issues.

Woody Allen said 80 percent of success is just showing up. I disagree. The truth is that 80 percent of success is making an impact.

So, here's something novel: What if, instead of paying people just to "show up," their compensation plan was based on making a difference, making an impact or a connection with your guests and those in your community?

That’s when replaceable turns into indispensable. And that’s what building a championship team is all about – having a staff that's indispensable.