Restaurant Marketing Workshop: Final Opportunity

Restaurant Marketing Workshop.  Final Opportunity.

I want to make sure you know that Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor and I are conducting the most powerful restaurant marketing workshop we've ever given. The event takes place in New Orleans in November.

It's rare that Bill and I do workshops at the same frequency we did in our early years … we're both busy coaching our own restaurant clients that want to excel to higher plateaus.

This event is all about helping you reach the dreams you had when you first opened your restaurant. It's about getting you to experience a 20% sales increase. It's about getting you to focus on the things that truly matter without spending your time putting out fires and dealing with minutia, when you should be working ON your business – not IN it.

Bill and I have seen too many restaurant owners treading water and stuck in neutral, mired in mediocrity – we know you can do better than that – we know you WANT to do better than that. The reality is it's tough to get to the next step alone.

If you want to put your foot on the gas pedal and get where you want to go faster, then Bill and I will help you get there.

So, this is your final opportunity; it's up to you and as the saying goes, "You snooze, you lose."

Get on board NOW while there are still seats available. Isn't it time to just "Stop F-cking Around & Get It Done?" Isn't it time to change your restaurant and your life? Isn't it time to go from average to great and experience a 20% sales increase?

For complete details, email me by clicking here.


Restaurant Marketing: Using Social Media To Bribe Customers

  • I completed giving a workshop on "The Real Truths About Social Media" to a group of over 150 restaurant owners.
  • Probably 75% of those in attendance had Facebook pages and when asked about getting an ROI, 90.5% said they had not gotten any kind of return at all.
  • The fact is this: Too many restaurants are using Facebook and Twitter as a vehicle to send messages to their fans pimping (discounting) their product. There seems to be no other "story" to tell. So, they're just training their Facebook fans to be "coupon clippers."
  • The fact is this: Your Facebook fans and Twitter followers are not a true measure of loyalty. In fact, they are probably not your "best guests." Wouldn't it be better to go back to "low tech" marketing and recognize and reward your "best guests" who are outspending your "average guests by more than 16 times.
  • The fact is this: Your Twitter followers and your Facebook fans may eventually end up just like your email list – sending them offers and information that may not be relevant to them. As a result, they'll soon "quit" you.
  • Here's the brutal honesty: Social media is not for everyone, and the success rate is low. If you're wowing your guests, providing a great dining experience, your guests will handle your social media marketing efforts for you.
  • But there is a fabulous major benefit to social media which restaurants seem to have forgotten about, and that's the networking aspect – finding those who are talking about you and getting to know them; telling stories, much like you would do at any social cocktail party, where you make valuable and trustworthy connections.
  • But right now, unfortunately, restaurants seem content to just want to "bribe people" to come to their own party – and bribe them even more to stay there longer. That's just not what the true concept of successful social media is all about.

Restaurant Marketing: When I Retire, I Want To Be A Server

Restaurant Marketing: I Want To Be A Server

That’s what I’m going to do when I retire. I’m going to serve guests in a restaurant. Why? It’s like being in my own business, except I don’t have to buy inventory, pay any rent, be responsible for employees, no overhead – nothing at all. Imagine having your own business without overhead and inventory.

As a server, it would cost me absolutely nothing to be in business for myself. And amazingly, (this is the best ever) I can make up to 20% on everything I sell. And sometimes even more than that. Wow … and everyone coming into the restaurant is going to buy something already! That's one heck of a deal and an easy way to make money.

I just need to treat the customers like royalty, give them a great dining experience to remember … and I've got it made! 

I'd even have my own title, and business cards. They’d say "Director of Hospitality." Or, "Director of Fun." I’d give them out to my guests and thank them for allowing me the opportunity to serve them.

I’d develop my own guest mailing list and send them thank you notes. I could make as much money as I want. Is there any better "business" to be in than the "server business?"


18 Restaurant Marketing Ins & Outs For 2012

Restaurant Marketing: Here are 18 restaurant marketing  Ins And Outs For The New Year, 2012. You're welcome to add more to the comment area.

OUT: Advertising
IN: Connecting

OUT: Web sites that look like billboards
IN: Web sites that include video

OUT: Focusing on your restaurant
IN: Focusing on your guest

OUT: Training
IN: Educating

OUT: Working the kitchen
IN: Working the dining room

OUT: You're the owner/manager of the restaurant
IN: You’re the mayor of your community

OUT: Hi, my name is …. and I'll be your server
IN: Good evening and thanks for joining us tonight

OUT: You're in the restaurant business
IN: You're in the marketing of your restaurant business

OUT: Anything that's boring
IN: Anything that's WOW, of course

OUT: Listening to yourself
IN: Listening to your guests

OUT: Hunting for guests
IN: Nurturing and networking for guests

OUT: It's right just because everyone's doing it
IN: It's wrong because everyone's doing it

OUT: Twitter followers who follow you just for the coupons
IN: Followers who follow you just because they're passionate about your restaurant

OUT: Facebook fans followers who follow you just for the coupons
IN: Fans who follow you just because they're passionate about your restaurant

OUT: Torn, dilapidated, micro sized take-out lunch & delivery menus
IN: Bright looking oversized take-out lunch & delivery menus customized with a company's name

OUT: The story of your price
IN: The story of your product and your restaurant

OUT: Growing your business with Groupon
IN: Growing your business "the old fashioned way"

OUT: Web sites where you have to hunt for the phone number of the restaurant
IN: Web sites with the phone number in the upper right corner of each page




Restaurant Marketing: WKRP’s Turkey Drop

Restaurant Marketing: It's still being talked about years and years after … WRKP's  famous turkey drop in 1978 … the most exciting and whacky radio station promotion ever … even to this day. Word of mouth officially started with that promotion.


Wachovia Bank: Why Isn’t Every Week ‘Customer Appreciation Week?’

I walked through the lobby of my local Wachovia Bank, soon to be Wells Fargo – because banks don't know how to run their own business – and the good folks there were offering donuts and coffee, because it was 'Customer Appreciation Week.'  So, why isn't every week Customer Appreciation Week? Why isn't every day customer appreciation day? And why just donuts and coffee? Just another boring bank, doing the same boring stuff over and over and over again.


Restaurant Smart Phone Apps Next Huge Marketing Tool

Restaurant Marketing: Expect mobile apps—for iPhones, Blackberry’s and Droids to be the next huge marketing tool for restaurants. In fact, if your restaurant or any business doesn’t own one, in the minds of customers, you may cease to exist. That’s how powerful they are. Having an app of your restaurant downloaded onto your guest’s smartphone is like a lifelong loyalty card.