Restaurant Marketing: There’s No Ultimate Value With “Free”

Why My Restaurant Marketing Newsletter Isn't Free.

I get a lot of questions on why I charge $15.99 a month (4 weekly issues) for my WOW restaurant marketing newsletter, while others are available for free. The answer is simply "value."

As a business person, I'm sure you despise giving away free product all of the time. It truly hurts the bottom line.

The fact is, there's absolutely no sustainable value in "free."

And that's why amidst all of the free marketing newsletters that frequent your inbox, five years and 350 plus issues ago, I made a decision to produce a short concise weekly newsletter focused on 35-seconds of intelligent restaurant marketing and executive management insights.

My goal was … and still is … to help restaurant owners/executives take it up a notch and be great. I also decided to make my WOW newsletter subscription-based – as an impetus to provide valuable content not found in the various freebies that are out there.

While I know it's easy to get spoiled with all of the free newsletters, there's always a catch somewhere – an up-sell, a sponsor, a tease, or articles by ghost writers with absolutely no restaurant marketing experience, a way to increase one's email list, or just plain inferior content.

My client, Barry's Pizza, one of the most successful pizza/Italian restaurants in Houston – who gets $25 for a small pizza (it's absolutely fabulous!) – has a sign posted when people flinch about his prices: "Quality is like oats… if you want nice fresh oats, you must pay a fair price … unless of course you can be satisfied with paying a cheaper price on the oats that have gone through the horse."

The next time you get a free restaurant marketing newsletter, there's a chance – much like the oats – it's been through the horse. :)