Restaurant Marketing: Doing What It Takes To Protect Your Brand

What if your marketing actually works and you convince enough people that your restaurant is worth checking out and coming back to? What if you plan to stay in business for many years?

A successful restaurant is much more than your menu, servers, or interior decor. First and foremost, it’s a brand that helps your guests choose where to eat and what they remember after they leave.

A brand is one of the most valuable assets of any bar or restaurant—big or small—that relies on word-of-mouth and repeat business. Even small eateries should trademark their brands as early on as possible.

You can trademark a name of the restaurant, a name of your famous dishes, a logo, or a tagline or a slogan as long as two conditions are met: your brand may not be confusingly similar with a prior trademark owned by somebody else and it must be capable of distinguishing your restaurant from all other eateries. You would not be allowed to trademark “Good Mexican Food”, because this name simply describes what you offer.

There are three main reasons for bars and restaurants to trademark their brands.

1. A registered trademark is a very inexpensive way to minimize the risk of customer confusion.

Imagine someone who’s vaguely heard of your brand. They Google your name, see a familiar name in the list, and book a table. Only they end up in someone else’s restaurant—thanks to all your marketing and advertising dollars.

Or even worse, imagine a customer who had a bad experience at a restaurant with the same name as yours. It could even be a restaurant in a different state or province. The server was rude, the beer was stale, and there was an overcharge. Your potential guests will see a negative review about your restaurant on Google and Yelp—and go elsewhere.

Don’t lose your customers by letting your direct and indirect competitors take advantage of your brand.

2. A registered trademark is the best insurance policy against forced rebranding.

What if another restaurant in a different state or province uses the same name as you, and they register it as their trademark?

Trademark registration is federal. This means that if a bar in North Dakota trademarks its name, nobody can use the same or a similar name anywhere in the U.S. Likewise, if a restaurant in Winnipeg trademarks its tagline, no one can use it anywhere in Canada.

If one day you received a cease-and-desist letter from a law firm representing that North Dakota or Winnipeg eatery with a bucket list of demands, you would only have two options—to get involved in a long legal battle or to rebrand—neither of which is cheap.

3. A registered trademark has intrinsic value.

If your business grows and you want to sell licenses or franchises, having the brand trademarked is a must. A well-protected recognizable brand is the reason someone may want to work under your name.

Even if you are not planning to franchise out or expand, at some point a successful restaurant will transcend its owners. If you were to sell the business or leave it to your heirs, you would want to pass along the goodwill in the name.

Your business is not too small to bother about trademarks. If you spend time and money building the brand, you must do what it takes to protect it, especially since it’s so easy with the Trademark Factory®. We are the only firm that offers trademark registration at a single all-inclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee. With so much at stake, don’t wait. Go to and request your free trademark search. 

Guest post written by Andrei Mincov, an intellectual property lawyer with 20 years of experience, the best-selling author of The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Intellectual Property and the creator of the Trademark Factory®






  1. Restaurant Business are not easy to do. You have to care about lots of things in single time, Like Presentation, customer satisfaction, dish taste, cleanness and more. With all those things, you can create a brand or buzz for your restaurant business. If the customer is fully satisfied, then, they will do the marketing for you. As a Mouth of words!!