Restaurant Marketing: Cutting Costs Is Poor Excuse

Restaurant Marketing: Often I hear a restaurant owner and other retail owners
say, "I need to slash my
costs, I can't afford any kind of restaurant marketing." I say that most of the time that's BS and is a sign of being too
lazy to figure out how to increase your revenues.

The first thing an owner does
is slash costs. Okay, I understand to some extent that this has to be done, but
not when it sacrifices quality, food, servide and the dining experience. It's
better to go out and grow revenues.

When someone says to me,
"I need to cut my costs," I say "possibly you need to increase
your sales!"

Start with developing a
strategy. Make sure your brand promise is in place. And develop a marketing
plan … and then implement it.

Being a grower is much
more fun than being a slasher.