Restaurant Marketing: Nine Great Ways To Help Build Sales

Restaurant Marketing: Here are nine marketing nuggets to help you market your restaurant – put your best foot forward, make that best impression …

  1. The secret to getting word of mouth is to have something interesting to talk about.
  2. What impresses one customer may be different than what impresses another customer.
  3. Every customer touch-point must be set up to impress a customer.
  4. Take a step outside of your restaurant and declare your restaurant to be boring.
  5. Once you
    can do that, take a tour of your restaurant with fellow staffers and
    maybe some friends and examine every area of your restaurant and
    ask, "what if?"

  6. Just because another restaurant is doing it, doesn't mean it's right for you.
  7. Good enough just isn't good enough any more.
  8. Guests are looking for something beyond the average; when they find it, they'll leave you in a heartbeat.
  9. There is no true loyalty in an email list or in Facebook Fans if all they are expecting from you are discounts.