Restaurant Marketing: Are You Planning To Fail? If So, When?

99% of restaurants and retailers that shut
down or don't meet their sales expectations – the rosy sunglasses worn when
they first opened the doors – do so because they haven't developed a plan for
success. And of course, not planning for success immediately defaults to
planning to fail. Sounds disastrous? It is!

Most restaurants and retailers trudge along for years without having a
sales-building marketing plan and find comfort in being just another
average business. When this happens – suddenly and without notice – a
competitive restaurant, hotel or retailer opens in the neighborhood with a plan in hand and soon
dominates the marketplace.

It's critical to not to let this happen to you. Comfort is
great, but it's a trap too many businesses fall in.

So, if having a plan is so important to the success of a
restaurant and any business, then why do so many not have a plan?

The answer is simple: As a business owner,
no one ever took the time to teach you how to write a plan, and if they did,
you were probably scared off because of the marketing-speak – objectives
and strategies – and the thought of thinking that you had to write a lengthy
"War and Peace" 100-page plan, that would become obsolete the moment it
was completed. All of that is enough to discourage anyone from writing a plan –
including me!

There are much easier and fun ways to write a plan and even have
your staff involved – and it won't take months and months of
drudgery to write.

This month at Pizza Expo, I'm doing an exclusive high-level workshop on how to build your own six month sales-building plan – and format it in less than 30 minutes!

If your mind is channeled to succeed, then follow me on
this and let me persuade you that having a plan can be the best thing you've
ever done for your business and your personal life.

Can't make it to Pizza Expo? If you're a restaurant, a hotel or a retailer in dire need of a plan for success, then let me know. I can help get you there … faster (and better) than ever.






  1. If you are not planning to success, you are planning to fail. Great post!