Classic Restaurant Marketing: Nordstrom’s Cafe Bistro Story

Restaurant Marketing: If you think Nordstom is a great place to shop and experience their high quality service, then try their Cafe Bistro. In every one of their stores, Cafe Bistro exudes the same high quality that you find on the retail floor. It's first class without having to go to a 5-star restaurant.

Cafe Bistro has a great story to tell. From their menu – "Nordstrom Cafe Bistro is a casual and affordable restaurant, featuring our interpretation of bistro cuisine. The display kitchen provides a stage for our chefs to prepare fresh salads, pasta, housemade desserts and kids' cafe selections. Signature dishes include brick oven pizzas and unique sandwiches that are bold in flavor and classic in design. Our commitment is to engage in quick, friendly and attentive service, from the cash register to the dining room."

And it continues: We Care – "That's why we're committed to bringing you local, sustainable, natural and organic foods and environmentally friendly products. Like: milk that's from from BGH, cage free eggs, organic iced tea … and more."

If you want a good lesson in how to give your restaurant, hotel or retail establishment a story that resonates, then visit the Cafe Bistro … at a Nordstrom near you. There's also some more info on their website, and a lot of great ways to do this as covered in my WOW newsletter.