Suing Subway For The Short Footlong? Get A Life!

  • So someone pointed out that Subway's Footlongs aren't really a foot long. They're sometimes a tad shorter, as much as an inch short. And because of that, people are suing this great chain?
  • I say, "get a life."
    Much like McDonald's Quarter Pounder starts out at a quarter pound of uncooked meat, the cooking process decreases the weight of the burger, Subway's unbaked buns are twelve inches, but decrease in size due to the baking process.
  • The only difference is McDonald's makes the disclaimer; Subway doesn't. Nevertheless, there are more important things to deal with then suiing Subway for possible fraudulent advertising.
  • Remember the good things about Subway: they promote healthy fast food and employ millions of people around the world.
  • Yes, size does matter, but let's not go crazy over a smidgeon of inches. You can be assured that Subway will resolve this issue.
  • Actually the best promotion they could do, once this is resolved is to hand out rulers with their logo on it.