Restaurant Marketing: Something More Powerful Than Social Media

Restaurant Marketing: Too many restaurants have jumped on the social media bandwagon believing it's the road to riches.  Fact is – it's not. There's something more powerful than social media that actually drives sales and that's local restaurant marketing – marketing your restaurant inside and out in the community.

With word of mouth being the number one way to increase sales, why haven't more restaurants focused on that? Possibly it's harder to come up with somethng that's talkable, versus pounding out a "discount" post on Facebook. And while you may have plenty of fans, unless you've converted them to customers, their value is zero. 

The most successful restaurants put their prime energies and dollars into educating their staff on how to provide their guest with the best dining experience possible. They put their dollars into creating Wow moments that become talkable amongst their customers. They create a dining environment that's just perfect. And with that perfection, your customers become marketing ambassadors who will automatically do your restaurant's social media marketing for you.

So, how "Wow" are you? Does your restaurant include memorable experiences? Is there a story to tell? What makes your restaurant different and famous from the others?

With less then .05% to 1% of sales (if you're lucky) attributed to Facebook, when you've got the answers to the above questions, then you've got something more powerful than social media.