Want Your Restaurant To Rank Well In Google?

There’s some substantial proof that having a keyword rich URL can definitely enhance the odds of getting a better ranking on Google for your specifically targeted keyword phrases.

While all of you have secured domains/websites using your restaurant’s name, (example – www.texassteakhouse.com) you should also consider securing domain names that contain the specific keyword phrases that users type-in to search for a restaurant in your category and geographical area. How do you know what people would type-in to do a search for you? For the most accurate answer, just ask your guests!

As an example, when I’m searching for an Italian restaurant in my area, I would type-in, “Italian Restaurant North Raleigh.”

If you secured the domain, “ItalianRestaurantNorthRaleigh.com”, and copied mostly everything from your original site over to form an additional new web site, then there would be a good chance that new web site, “www.ItalianRestaurantNorthRaleigh.com” could be ranked well for that keyword phrase.

In addition, there’s also evidence that having your targeted keyword phrase placed within the general makeup of your URL, also enhances the odds of getting a better ranking.

So domains like “BestSteakhouseSouthBendLaSalleGrill.com” (note the formula — keyword phrase + location + restaurant name) may also work.

If popular generic domain names that target your keyword phrase are not available, like “BestItalianRestaurantNorthRaleigh.com”, then just add a word like, “Your,” “The,” “Award Winning” or “Our” to it. (“YourBestItalianRestaurantNorthRaleigh.com”) and check for that availability.

In any case, a domain name with your keyword phrase, customized with your geographical area and restaurant name is a sure bet to be available — (“YourBestPizzaRestaurantNorthRaleighFlyersPizza.com”).

With search being the new yellow pages, take advantage of every tactic available to help you get online visibility. And, the cost of purchasing a number of domains? Peanuts when compared to getting found online by new guests.

Restaurant Marketing: Promotions For October

Restaurant Marketing Promotions

October is National Pizza Month and National Chili Month.

For beverage marketing, October
offers Liqueur Day, Frappe Day and Vodka Day.

Food related days include: Chicken
Cacciatore Day, Fried Scallops Day, Greasy Food Day, Gumbo Day,
Pasta Day, Seafood Bisque Day, Taco Day and Vegetarian Day.

Desserts include: Angel Food
Cake Day, Boston Cream Pie Day, Brandied Fruit Day, Candy Apple
Day, Caramel Custard Day, Chocolate Cupcake Day, Chocolate Day,
Dessert Day and Pumpkin Cheesecake Day.

Special days for the month include
Boss’s Day, Mother-In-Law Day and Navy Day.

Here is the promotional rundown
for October:

National Caramel Month
National Chili Month
National Cookie Month
National Pizza Month
National Bullying Prevention Month
National Fire Prevention Month
National Work And Family Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Italian Heritage Month

1 – World Vegetarian Day
2 – National Fried Scallops Day
3 – National Caramel Custard Day
3 – Techies Day
4 – National Vodka Day
4 – National Taco Day
5 – World Teachers Day
6 – Mad Hatter Day
9 – World Egg Day
9 – Fire Prevention Day
10 – National Angel Food Cake Day
12 – Columbus Day
12 – Thanksgiving (Canada)
12 – National Gumbo Day
14 – National Dessert Day
14 – Take Your Parents To Lunch Day
15 – National Chicken Cacciatore Day
16 – National Liqueur Day
16 – Boss’s Day
17 – National Pasta Day
17 – Wear Something Gaudy Day
18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day
19 – National Seafood Bisque Day
21 – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
22 – National Nut Day
23 – National Boston Cream Pie Day
24 – National Bologna Day
24 – Make A Difference Day
25 – World Pasta Day
25 – Mother-In-Law Day
27 – American Beer Day
27 – Navy Day
28 – National Chocolate Day
29 – National Oatmeal Day
29 – National Cat Day
29 – Internet Day
31 – Halloween
31 – National Candy Apple Day
31 – Magic Day

Source: RestaurantNews.com


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