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Restaurant Marketing: The Importance Of Culture In Your Restaurant

  • Long-term sustainable success starts with one ingredient: Culture.

  • Some restaurants have it some don't. While I delve deeply into culture, mission statements and values in my restaurant marketing workshops and the critical importance it is for your long-term success, you can start developing or refining your own culture by writing down from your heart, why you are here and why your restaurant exists.

  • To market your restaurant properly, your restaurant needs a culture -it attracts, engages and retains staff and builds them into an integrated high-performing team. Having a culture that everyone has bought into, provides a great working environment; an environment where your team wants to be, and "perform." And that performance attracts customers. It's all part of restaurant marketing.

  • Successful restaurants make it a priority to develop a culture that attracts and retains great talent, creating an environment where people enjoy being at work. They come to you, wanting to work for you. Without a strong culture, the creativity and innovation necessary to compete in your trading area will gradually decrease with growth shifting down to neutral.

  • Recognizing this slow-down, many will attempt to fix the sales process: let's do this promotion, let's discount, let's post more on Facebook, more pics on Instagram, buy this new magical software - rather than looking at the truly important factor: Is the restaurant a great place to work? Are employees buying into your culture?

  • Building your restaurant outward from its culture ensures that you have an enthusiastic team committed to your success and a leadership that understands that culture drives a great team and a great team drives sales.

  • Simply put: Great culture = great team = great customer experience = great sales = great marketing ambassadors for your restaurant. It's all part of the restaurant marketing package a provide.

  • If you don't have culture in your restaurant, then it's urgent you contact me.