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Restaurant Marketing: How To Be The "Only" And Own A Position In Your Customer's Mind

  • Restaurant marketing isn't only about promotions or giveaways. It's about developing a strategy to be re-memberable ... owning a position in the customer's mind with a message that's different and not already occupied in an already over-crowded customer memory bank.

  • For example, you're doomed if your position is based on "better product, cheaper price." That space is already overcrowded and cluttered; easily forgettable and lacks customer loyalty

  • One of the first critical steps in creating a marketing program is to develop an exclusive claim or position that you would like to own in the memory banks of your customers, and develop elements of your program around that claim.

  • One the best positions to take that solidifies your restaurant is being an "only."

  • Being an "only" puts you above every one else with a claim that has exclusivity. It puts you in the leadership category a position that has shelf-life in a customer's memory bank.

  • A number of years ago, I advised a western-themed casual steakhouse in South Carolina to develop a position. They were located along one of those restaurant rows with other brand-name steakhouses.

  • They didn't have a compelling claim to separate them from the others. Result: declining sales. I developed a position for them based on the fact that they were the only steakhouse in the area that sold a 40 ounce steak. Allowing me some creative freedom as they were a fun place to go, I developed this line:

  • Gabby's is the only restaurant in the Carolinas that features a 40 ounce Texas-size steak for hungry cowboys & cowboy wannabees ... who want to impress their cowgirls ... (and later added ...) and prove that they're a real man!

  • Here's the secret to the line. Note that it includes a benefit. Most would just say, "we're the only restaurant that serves a 40 ounce steak" but when you add the benefits, it becomes a much more interesting story to tell.

  • Take time to figure out your "only." Do you have a position, a claim to fame that's shareable? And, note the position doesn't necessarily have to be about the food.

  • This is your exclusive weapon: If you don't have a position in your customer's mind; if you don't have an "only" - then let's talk.